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Cell Production

The umbilical cord serves as a nutrient system during development.
It is what sustains new life throughout pregnancy.
umbilical cord is composed of a jelly-like substance which is designed to protect the enclosed blood vessels.
It is a very rich source of regenerative cells that have been shown to have far superior health benefits than
any adult source of regenerative cells.
Geron Bio proudly manufacturers RESTEM, a rich source of umbilical cord lining regenerative cells with properties that are designed to be used for autoimmune diseases amongst other hard to treat diseases.

Cell Product​​

  • MSCs from Umbilical cord

  • MSCs from Umbilical cord Blood

  • MSCs from Adipose tissue

  • Hepatocyte

  • Skin cell

  • Chondrocyte

  • Adipocyte

  • Osteoblast

  • Nuerocyte

  • Kidney cell

  • Pancreatic beta cell

  • Hematopoietic cell

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