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Immune Cell
(Immune Celll)

1. Types and Functions of Immune Cells

  • Immune cells, which protect the body from various pathogens, are being used alone or in combination with anti- cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy to overcome their disadvantages.

  • Immune cells are divided into Innate Immune cells, which act against non-specific pathogens, and Adaptive Immune cells, which are trained and memorized for specific pathogens that have invaded the body, and attack specifically.

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2. Advantages of Immune Cell Therapy of Geronbio

  • Unlike other companies that apply only single type of immune cells to each disease treatment, Geronbio uses Combination Therapy by combining NK cells, dendritic cells, and T cells to enhance the efficacy of cancer treatment.

  • By combining immunotherapy with chemotherapy for various cancer treatment, it can prevent immune suppression caused by chemotherapy, inhibit cancer cell growth, and help prevent recurrence and metastasis.



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